Going Local, Saving Sex, & Other Readings

Jobs, relationships, traveling adventures, and the like are all good reasons for twenty-somethings to pack it up and make a move. But I think it’s also important to invest in each place even as we pass through it. It takes courage to put down roots in what you know are only temporary homes, but I’ve learned personally the richness of living locally, and immersing yourself in the community God has no doubt intentionally placed you in.

I reflect on this tension in an article in RELEVANT today, The Great Escapism: Why this generation needs to learn how to stay put

On a different note, I was interviewed last week by the editor of B (of the Baltimore Sun paper) who was doing a piece on abstinence as a reemerging trend for young adults. She contacted myself and another former intern of a non-profit that gives abstinence presentations in the Baltimore school system, and asked some good and fair questions. The final piece was published today and I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

You can read it here: Virginity in Pop Culture: Why do we care who isn’t getting any?

Also, don’t miss these two blog series I’ve been enjoying for the past few weeks:

Preston Yancey’s “At the Lord’s Table,” a candid collection of voices affirming the beauty of the church

Ed Cyzewski’s “Women in Ministry” series, a redemptive conversation of the giftedness of women to serve

What are you reading and enjoying this week, whether online or in print?

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  • Lorri

    Your writing in this morning’s Crosswalk is the most profound reading and certainly will be shared with a few friends. I admire your devotion not only to Christ but to your marriage and your husband. This world teaches us a senario much different and I absolutlely commend you for your faithfulness. I have a collegue who just had triplets and I know will be blessed by your writing. Being an “overachiever” (I am Type A all the way and can appreciate her) I knew she would finish well and be blessed by the many extra things she does for this world but when God surprised she and her husband with three beautiful girls – wow, what a life changer!
    Have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless your ministry.


    • http://shequotes.wordpress.com stephindialogue

      Lori, thank you for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed, even enough to pass it on. We overachievers have to remember that what we’re doing enough as long as we’re following the way Christ has laid out for us.

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