Up and Out

Friends, I apologize for the absence. Instead of tweeting, blogging, and keeping up with my favorite blogs, here’s what I’ve been keeping busy with this month:

  • Image Journal’s Glen East–where I participated in Lauren Winner’s memoir writing class, had a great time with Kristin, Katie, Kari, and others who don’t have blogs and names beginning with K, visited Emily Dickinson’ house in Amherst, and had a nice walk with Kathleen Norris through a greenhouse.
  • An editing workshop day in Chicago with Moody Publishers.
  • A new opportunity and some exciting news that I’ll tell you when I get back!

I’m stressed, enriched, and barely unpacking and re-packing both my suitcase and my thoughts. Looking forward to catching up next month!  

In the meantime, peace.

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  • http://howtotalkevangelical.addiezierman.com/ Addie Zierman

    JEALOUS. And miss your posts. That is all.