My Professional Work

(In)dialogue Communications is my business, offering the services of:

  • literary publicity
  • writing
  • editing
  • social media marketing

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My work is shaped around the idea that speaking is a creative and sacred act, as the creation story and the Incarnation both testify.

Genesis tells the story of a world summoned into being as the Creator speaks it into life.  He said the word, and it was.  Later in history, He spoke life into the world again…this time not to create it, but to re-create and redeem it from its fallen state.  And this time, the Word took on the form of Flesh.  The Incarnation created a heavenly dialogue, a way for humanity to communicate, relate, and speak with the Creator.

In a fallen world, our words have the power either to create or destroy.  But as people made in the image of a Creative God, we may choose to speak life into the world, just as the Incarnate Word brought life to earth.

Whether I am publicizing a new book, writing an article, or social networking, my goal is to communicate with creativity and professionalism in a dialogue-provoking way.